Microsoft Excel is an integral part of the business landscape and it is a critical tool in departments including accounting, finance, strategy and operations. With Corality’s Excel Diploma course, you will learn how to produce robust and transparent analyses that drive corporate reporting and decision processes by unlocking the complete functionality of Excel.
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This highly interactive Excel training course is designed to help you to progress quickly from simply working with Excel spreadsheets to fully mastering the foundation principles of robust Excel development and focused analysis. With illustrated real-life examples, Excel Diploma will give you practical skills that you can use for complex analysis every day.

Upon completion of the course you will not only have accelerated your modelling skills and learnt to decrease risk in your use of Excel and financial models, but you will also be able to confidently repair broken models.

The Excel Diploma course will enable you to

  • Lift the quality of your Excel spreadsheets to enterprise level quality with techniques and structure from advanced financial modelling
  • Master the separation of data, logic and outputs
  • Develop transparent Excel spreadsheets that can be easily understood and modified by other users
  • Understand key Excel functions such as LOOKUP, MATCH, OFFSET, and INDEX
  • Learn how to use VBA and macros
  • Learn essential Excel functionality, from Excel shortcuts and special commands to pivot and data tables
  • Avoid errors with systematic ‘checks’ and audit techniques (i.e., don’t rely on VLOOKUP)

Is this programme for you?

Yes, if you want to gain the professional skills required to produce more robust analysis, superior spreadsheets and top-end reporting techniques.

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