A comprehensive financial model for a leveraged buy-out (LBO) provides deep insights for investors and financiers that need to assess the risk and opportunities relating to the proposed transaction. This course is designed to enable you to master financial modelling for LBO transactions, enabling you to effectively assess risk. By mastering these skills, you will be prepared for the most challenging situations with flexible techniques using a range of examples and a sound understanding of the theory.

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Training course with practical financial modelling solutions for LBOs

In a combined seminar and practical workshop environment, you will learn hands-on solutions to practical modelling challenges. You will learn how to work with subordinated debt and private equity, in real life LBO scenarios. This course will allow you to build a comprehensive LBO model with powerful analytical outputs tailored for investment banks, private equity and corporate finance executives.

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Welcome to the Corality Academy, the home of the world-leading Corality financial modelling methodology. We have global experience in delivering financial

LBO Transactions: Financial Modelling Techniques will enable you to

  • Adopt a systematic approach to debt modelling in an LBO transaction environment
  • Develop an evaluation framework of how commercial negotiation drive valuation and investment ratios
  • Build flexible modules in your financial model which allow deep analysis of how key drivers impact the decision criteria of an LBO transaction
  • Effectively analyse investment returns for management, sponsors and debt financiers in various operating scenarios
  • Understand how to avoid and break circular references, with logic and/or VBA code and use best practice

Do you work with LBO transaction financial models?

If your work involves developing, amending or reviewing financial models for LBO transactions, this course is for you. This hands-on course is tailored to private equity analysts, corporate finance professionals and investment analysts.

Required knowledge: Accounting fundamentals and Excel

It is recommended that participants have an introductory understanding of fundamental accounting (financial statements) and a strong working knowledge of Excel. We recommend taking the training course in Financial Modelling Techniques for Valuation Analysis prior to this course. This will give you good working knowledge into the Corality Financial Modelling methodology.

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