An accurate and flexible financial model is a critical component to a robust valuation. Financial Modelling Techniques for Valuation Analysis is designed to help you master the financial modelling techniques needed for valuation analysis. This course will see you equipped for a range of scenarios – from internal valuations to the valuation of acquisition targets.

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In a combined seminar and workshop environment, Financial Modelling Techniques for Valuation Analysis will illustrate how corporate finance and valuation concepts are brought to life in a financial modelling environment, and how you can build re-usable structures which will benefit you time and time again. The course also covers specific challenges including: dividend policies, depreciation, escalation, working capital, liquidity and minority interests.

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By developing a structured approach to business valuation, you will gain the skills required to confidently present your valuation analysis to internal and external stakeholders. Based on the Corality Financial Modelling methodology, the course ensures fully transparent and flexible financial modelling, with a focus on professionally styled presentation.

Financial Modelling for Valuations will enable you to

  • Learn robust financial modelling of valuation concepts, from WACC and CAPM to DCF and EBIDTA multiple analysis
  • Gain insights into the challenges and recommended approaches to terminal value analysis
  • Master best practice financial modelling techniques and Excel functions relating to forecasting, investment analysis and valuations

Are you exposed to financial models used for valuations?

If you are exposed to financial models used for valuations, Financial Modelling Techniques for Valuation Analysis is for you. This course has been tailored to those who develop, use or interpret valuation models, such as investment analysts and corporate finance professionals.

Required knowledge: Standard Excel functionality and financial modelling

A solid understanding of standard Excel functionality is required, and some familiarity with financial models is beneficial. If you want to extend you understanding of Excel functionality, then the Excel Diploma programme may be of interest to you.

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